Pumpkin Kibbeh

A Lenten staple, kebbet laa’tin is the definite mountain vegetarian kibbeh. It is easy to prepare with the garden’s bounty of pumpkin (which keeps all year, and from harvest to harvest) and wild herbs, the best of which is obviously homeyda, the spring wild sorrel leaves, which add a special lemony taste to the stuffing.

Bread Salad (Fattoush)

Fattoush comes from Arabic fatta, meaning “break,” from breaking the grilled Arabic bread (pita) over the fattoush. If you’ve ever heard of the Montagues and the Capulets, it is the same as with fattoush and tabouleh! There is a constant dilemma of choosing between one and the other for a mezze . . . or maybe just go for both.

Kishk Turnover

Kishk is a typical villager breakfast par excellence, often served as a soup, cooked with awarma or seasoned with fried onion and garlic. It is made with goat or cows’ milk, sometimes sheep’s milk is added when available. In Lebanon, kishk production varies from one region to another.