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Carlo Petrini in Lebanon

Founder and president of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini tells us his impressions of Lebanon upon his visit in early November 2016.

The culture of food connects us with our communities and our traditions. In Lebanon, food is omnipresent in our culture and in our lives. Slow Food Beirut is a member-founded non-profit organization founded in 2006 in Lebanon. Its objective is to implement strategies in Lebanon to safeguard local food identity, while supporting local agricultural production. This is done by supporting local food communities who produce local and regional heirloom fruit, vegetables, traditional cheeses from high mountains, breed rare animals and produce handcrafted wine and beer.

We are fully dedicated to joining farms to markets and linking pleasure to the table as it has been done for centuries. We aim to build awareness of the wealth of traditional food that are today at risk in our country – Lebanon.

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